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Physical State :  Solid
Storage :  Store at room temperature
Melting Point :  568° C (lit.)
Boiling Point :  960° C at 760 mmHg
Density :  4.050 g/cm3
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Buy Cadmium Chloride, Anhydrous Online


Chemical Properties

Formula Weight
Melting point
Boiling Point
Storage & Sensitivity
Hygroscopic. Ambient temperatures.
Soluble in water, acetone. Slightly soluble in methanol. Insoluble in ether.

Grade Specifications

Maximum level of impurities: Insoluble matter 0.01%, Nitrate and nitrite (as NO3) 0.003%, SO4 0.01%, NH4 0.01%, Cu 0.001%, Fe 0.001%, Pb 0.005%, Ca 0.01%, K 0.02%, Na 0.05%, Zn 0.05%


Cadmium chloride is a precursor material for the preparation of cadmium sulfide. It is mainly utilized in dyeing, pigments, photocopying and electroplating of cadmium.


Hygroscopic in nature. Heat, flame, water/moisture should be avoided. Store away from oxidizing agents.

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