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Reinecke’s salt is a chemical compound with the formula NH₄[Cr(NCS)₄(NH₃)₂]·H₂O.
The dark-red crystalline compound is soluble in boiling water, acetone, and ethanol.
The chromium atom is surrounded by six nitrogen atoms in an octahedral geometry.
The NH₃ ligands are mutually trans and the Cr–NCS groups are linear.
Formula: C4H12N7OCrS4
Molar mass: 354.42 g/mol
Melting point: 270 °C
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Linear Formula NH4(Cr(NH3)2(SCN)4)·H2O
Merck Index 15, 8248
Formula Weight 354.46
Physical Form Crystalline Powder
Grade ACS Reagent
Gravimetry 93.0% min.
Infrared Spectrum Authentic
Insoluble Matter 0.05% max. (in dilute HCl)
Packaging Glass bottle
Sensitivity Passes Test
Color Red
Melting Point 270.0°C
Quantity 100g
Chemical Name or Material Reinecke salt


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