Wholesale Hemp CBD Crystal

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This is a 99.5% pure CBD (cannabidiol) product, the finest form of extraction found today. It is made of organic hemp extraction and crystallized in our Lab, using most advanced separation technique to guarantee our CBD purity of 99.5%.

This product can be compared to icing sugar, and its fine texture makes it extremely easy to add to your cannabinoid diet as an ingredient.

This product contains absolutely NO THC, the CBD is pure and it will give users an easy and light feeling while remaining clear-headed and attentive.


Bulk Hemp CBD Crystal – 500 gram, and 1 kilogram (1,000g)

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Wholesale Hemp CBD Crystal

At 98%+ purity, our Pure CBD Crystals are the purest form of hemp extract currently on the market. These crystals are the result of extracting non-psychoactive cannabidiol from our organically grown industrial hemp. Thus, then applying our proprietary multi-step crystallization process to create the purest isolate available. Hence, perfect for a variety of uses, this Pure CBD Crystals can be used in drinks. Also, edibles, or any other appropriate vaporizing device used for consuming shatter, oils, or wax. High Farm Pure CBD Crystals can also be dissolved under the tongue. However, High Farm Botanical LLc prides itself on producing the purest and highest quality CBD products available today, with purity levels confirmed by lab testing.

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