Wholesale Pure Hemp CBD Syrup

Product Info

  • 1 bottle of CBD Syrup
  • 100 mg of CBD per bottle
  • Tested by Independent Labs
  • Non-THC, No failed drug test

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 oz

Servings Per Container: 4

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, L-Theanine, N-Acetyl-5-Methoxy Tryptamine, Scutellaria, Passiflora, Melissa officinalis

Bulk Pure Hemp CBD Syrup – 500 gram and 1 kilogram (1,000g)

Delivery Time: 1-3 Days Maximum

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Wholesale Pure Hemp CBD Syrup

Our hemp CBD syrups are made using our pure CBD oils, full spectrum CBD oils, CBD isolates, and water-soluble CBD liquids. All CBD syrup is custom formulates, bottles, and packages in our GMP certified facility.

We can provide you with any flavors or ingredients such as melatonin, kava, stevia. Also, any other nutraceutical ingredient you would like formulated with your CBD syrup.  Our trained chemists will provide onsite testing to ensure your CBD syrup formulation. This contains the exact amount of cannabidiol (CBD) as the label states.  We also ensure that the CBD within your syrup contains no residual solvents, no heavy metals, and no pesticides.  

Order Pure Hemp CBD Syrup Now

We use only the highest quality organic ingredients and custom formulate each hemp CBD syrup product to meet the desired function.  For example, for a CBD syrup “sleep” formulation, we would add melatonin to the formulation.  

Our hemp CBD syrups are test by 3rd party analysis before they ship out to ensure the highest quality.  Certificates of Analysis includes on all shipments.  We have the highest quality medicinal hemp derived CBD syrups and supply the leading CBD syrup brands in the world.  

Contact us today for a free price quote and learn how we can supply your company or brand with the highest quality CBD syrup formulations in the world.